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March 1, 2015
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  • Image of Living Air Plant Wall Art
  • Image of Living Air Plant Wall Art
  • Image of Living Air Plant Wall Art

Some living art for the walls !

A little more info on it:
Size is 12" x 12", takes a couple of weeks for me to assemble. Each unit includes 10 different plants but will be pretty similar to the one in the photos. Mounted on flattened cork bark.

Shipped half assembled (plant's won't be mounted on the board itself, but instead the plants will be attached to pins that you can just push into the board like thumbtacks-- mounted plants would get destroyed in shipping). If you'd like to pick it up (NYC), give me a shout through email before or after you purchase and I'll make sure you get the shipping fee back. Currently only shipping to the US.

Care: Plants should be misted every 2-3 days until completely soaked. Indirect sunlight and non-stagnant air (!) are also import to keep these guys alive. Specific care instructions come with each order!

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